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Martin Beautiful
Martin, TN 38237
The Martin Beautiful Committee is an advisory agency of the City of Martin, in Martin, Tennessee 38237. The citizen committee, created in 1997, is charged to lead the community's beautification efforts. Their mission is to raise awareness of issues affecting the community's physical appearance. This is done by recognizing community organizations and encouraging businesses, homeowners and the city to beautify our area.

The main projects of Martin Beautiful are: The Martin Beautiful Awards presented annually to two homes, a church, a business, an adopt-a-site and a public area; The Adopt-a-Site program; floral planting throughout the city; Clean-Up-Days; and educational programs or events.

Martin Beautiful Committee members:

Marvin Downing, chair
Carolyn Deck
Kenny Edwards
B. J. Long
Sandy Koch
Lon May
Penny Moser
Carmen Pendergrass
Audrey Roberts
Led Symmes
Wesley Totten
Brad Thompson

Billy Wagster

  James Wick, honorary member




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